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We took a 13 hour bus ride to go about 90 miles into Denali National Park, all the way to Kantishna. Here are some of the sights. The start was inauspicious as it was raining.

A nice view of Denali from the north..

A  caribou watches us. Our guide, Scott Richardson, and a few passengers were wonderful spotting shy wildlife.

This caribou girl was running down the road in front of the bus for more than 10 minutes (all wildlife has the right of way in the Park.)  The mosquitos were driving her crazy. The mosquitoes were more plentiful and more vicious here than at any other place we visited in Alaska.

These sheep actually butted heads for us -- a very rare sight indeed.  We caught it on videotape!! We're working to get it onto the website.

Moose were hard to come by on this trip, but the two or three we saw had huge, enormous, spectacular antlers. Only time you can yell "What a rack!" in public and have everybody agree with you! (wink wink)

Another caribou. What a rack!!!

The Polychrome mountains. This reminded us somewhat of the terrain and colors of Death Valley.

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